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Escala Condominiums

Escala Seattle condominium towerIn an effort to reduce energy costs, Escala undertook a project to replace over 1500 lights in common areas with efficient LED bulbs. They also looked to upgrade the lighting system as part of the project. The installation of energy-efficient CFL and LED lights brightened the building, and the addition of 164 occupancy sensors helped further reduce energy costs. As an added bonus, a rebate from Seattle City Light helped pay for over 44% of the project.

Seattle condominium tower reduces energy use by 17%—and passes the savings on to residents.

Escala’s maintenance team was scheduled to perform a relamp in the common areas of the building, which involved over 1,500 lamps. Facilities Manager Bruce Jarrard saw an opportunity to upgrade the lighting system as part of the relamp.

Escala took advantage of new CFL and LED technologies, and added 164 occupancy sensors to further reduce energy costs. As an added benefit, a rebate from Seattle City Light helped pay for more than 44% of Escala’s project.


  • Located at 4th and Virginia
  • Opened in 2009
  • 32 stories + 8 parking levels
  • 816,000 square feet
  • 269 luxury condominiums


  • Replace outdated metal halide and high-output florescent bulbs with lower wattage florescents
  • Upgrade inefficient halogen and incandescent lamps to LEDs
  • Install occupancy sensors in the corridors and parking garage


  • Estimated energy savings: 348,250 kWh per year
  • Estimated cost savings: $32,282 per year
  • Improved lighting quality
  • Reduced maintenance costs

“Residents welcomed the installation of occupancy sensor controls, both in the common areas above ground, and below ground in the parking structure. But they were especially pleased with the 17% savings in energy usage we were able to pass on through lower building operation costs.”

Facilities Manager, Escala

CFL and LED technology

Today’s advanced CFLs and LEDs are fast replacing incandescent, halogen, and high-output florescent lamps. Continuous improvements in longevity, light quality, and pricing make these energy-efficient lamps a great choice for retro t projects.

Rebates for energy conservation

Seattle City Light offers rebates as an incentive to customers to reduce their electricity use. When customers use less electricity, it helps us conserve our hydro resources and avoid the expense of building new power plants or buying electricity on the open market.

Occupancy sensors

More and more businesses are using advanced sensing technology in low-traffic areas. Wireless controls add flexibility and can reduce costs.

Start saving now

Like Escala, your business could also benefit from Seattle City Light’s rebates for upgrades to energy-saving lighting and equipment. Learn how you can lower your energy costs. Contact an Energy Advisor for a free assessment.

Read the case study PDF here.