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6 Inspirations to Help You Stay Cool, Use Energy Wisely and Save Money 

  1. Cool as a cucumber. Chill lotion and moisturizers in the fridge or add a small face spray bottle filled with one of these DIY aromatherapy facial mists for a soothing spa experience. 
  2.  Cookin’ with Kilowatts. Ovens and stove tops use a lot of energy and quickly warm up a home. Try these recipes using alternative cooking methods to cut your bill and stay cool.
  3. If a tree falls in the forest, do you feel the breeze? If your ceiling or box fans are running when you’re not at home, you get all the cost and none of the benefit (unless its for Fido). For non pet owners, avoid wasted energy and money by turning them off before you leave. 
  4. Level up your fan game. Turn your fan into an air conditioner: fill a large bowl with ice and position it in front of a fan. Ahhhh. Caution: Stay safe by making sure water doesn’t end up on the fan. 
  5. Use it, or lose it. Don’t worry about keeping the guest room cool if you don’t have any house guests. Focus on cooling areas you spend the most time in like your bedroom or living room.
  6. Unplug! Many electronics and other technology that are turned off but plugged in are still using electricity, and often produce heat. Unplug devices that aren’t in use or consider buying smart power strips.   

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