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Electric Vehicles

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In the Seattle area, transportation represents two-thirds of the region’s carbon pollution.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a critical step toward reducing carbon emissions and we’re working to make it easier to own one.

It’s a great time to drive an EV. Our EV customers enjoy these benefits:

low cost


Save with our low cost electricity and Washington State incentives and discounts.

Compare fuel costs

Calculate your electric commute

Find incentives and discounts



Charge on our carbon-free hydroelectricity, delivered with a net zero impact.

Learn more about where your power comes from

renewable energy


Charge at home or one of 600+ public charging stations around Seattle

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Programs and Services

At-Home Charging:

We’re conducting a limited at-home EV charging pilot program to help inform future EV solution offerings. Participant benefits include:

  • No upfront costs and a convenient monthly payment
  • Charge up to 4x faster than Level 1 chargers
  • Manage charging from anywhere using your smart phone

This program is not currently accepting new participants, but we expect to have availability in the near future. If you would like to be considered for future at-home charging opportunities, or be notified of other EV solutions as they become available, please contact an Energy Advisor.

Public Fast-Charging Stations:

We’re installing public charging stations across our service territory. These fast-chargers provide a full charge for most EVs in just 30 minutes. Read our public charging FAQ. Find existing and planned City Light public charging stations near you.