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Electric Vehicles

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In the Seattle area, transportation represents two-thirds of the region’s carbon pollution.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a critical step toward reducing carbon emissions and we’re working to make it easier to own one.

It’s a great time to drive an EV. Our EV customers enjoy these benefits:

low cost


Save with our low cost electricity and Washington State incentives and discounts.

Compare fuel costs

Calculate your electric commute

Find incentives and discounts



Charge on our carbon-free hydroelectricity, delivered with a net zero impact.

Learn more about where your power comes from

renewable energy


Charge at home or one of 600+ public charging stations around Seattle

Find a public charging station near you

Programs and Services

At-Home Charging:

Due to the redeployment of resources to address the COVID-19 crisis, the City Light residential EV at-home charging program has been put on hold until further notice.  If you want to be placed on a wait list to learn about City Light EV charging program offerings once they become available, please contact an Energy Advisor.

Public Fast-Charging Stations:

We’re installing public charging stations across our service territory. These fast-chargers provide a full charge for most EVs in just 30 minutes. Read our public charging FAQ. Find existing and planned City Light public charging stations near you.