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7 Improvements to Save Energy and Money, and Stay Cool This Summer

  1. Dress for success! Dress up your windows with curtains that will keep rooms cool. Bonus tip: they keep them warm in the winter too. And thrift stores are a great place to find budget-friendly options.
  2. Out with the old, in with the new…and improved! Energy efficient appliances can save you energy and money, plus we’ve got rebates! Visit our rebates page for more information and get started saving today. 
  3. Shut it! Seal your windows and exterior doors with weather strips to keep the cool in and the heat out. You can find affordable solutions at any hardware store or online. 
  4. Throw some shade. Plant a tree to block the sun from your south and west facing windows. Note: Not all trees are equal so be sure to read our tree guide to see what best fits your situation.
  5. Time to vent. Let go of all that hot air. Ventilation in your attic lets the heat escape. Talk to a contractor about installing some in your attic!
  6. Wrap it up. Windows and insulation help stabilize your home’s temperature. Learn more about our weatherization rebates and the City of Seattle HomeWise program for low-income qualifying options.
  7. Get the 411 on ACs. Air conditioners do use more energy but can drastically improve your quality of living. Learn more about our rebates and best practices.

Find more ways to stay cool and save money this summer by clicking on one of the links below, or connect with an Energy Advisor today.

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