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Customer Solar

Solar works in Seattle! Join the growing solar community and build on our Northwest legacy of renewable energy.

What is solar energy?

The sun is a powerful source of energy that provides light and heat to the earth. Solar power is the conversion of that sunlight into electricity through the use of photovoltaic cells. These cells, which are grouped into modules, absorb light and convert it into electricity.

People who have solar panels on their homes or businesses buy less electricity from their utilities because they’re producing some or all on their own, with any surplus power being transferred onto the grid.

Is solar right for you? Installing a solar system on your property makes sense if you:

  • Own your home or commercial property.
  • Have a suitable shade-free area for solar modules (such as roof space in sound condition).
  • Are interested in making a long-term investment to reduce your environmental impact and lower your electricity bill.

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