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Community Solar

Just add environmentally conscious participants...and sun!

Community Solar is an innovative way for City Light customers to generate solar power without owning a solar system. Through a shared renewable energy project, participants pool resources to generate solar power from a collective space. For each dollar invested, participants receive solar credits.

  • Four projects

  • 1300 participants

  • 190,000 kilowatt hours of solar power generated annually

The benefits:

  • Low cost: Buy low-cost solar units without purchase of solar panels.
  • Sustainable: Add clean solar energy to the power grid from an abundant, renewable source.

How community solar works:






The Projects

Seattle City Light operates four community solar projects that produce about 200,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. That’s enough to brew 400,000 pots of coffee in one year. Impressive, right? Check out the projects and see live data on how much power is being generated.

*Source Assumption: A 1 kWh full size (10/12 cup) automatic drip filter coffee maker used for 30 minutes per day uses 182.5 kWh/year

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