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Green Up

As a Seattle City Light customer, you benefit from 100% carbon neutral electricity. The Pacific Northwest, however, continues to rely on fossil fuels for much of its energy. Green Up is a program that gives you the opportunity to help grow the renewable energy market in our region, by supporting the businesses who provide that energy. Your participation also supports local renewable energy education and demonstration projects. Join Green Up and help us create a cleaner, greener world for the next generation.

The benefits:

  • Low cost
    Sponsor the growth and adoption of green power for as little as $3 per month.
  • Sustainable
    Add clean, renewable energy to the power grid.
  • Innovative
    Join a program that’s leading the way in renewable energy growth and education in the northwest.

How does Green Up work?

You choose the level you want to participate – $3, $6 or $12 per month. City Light uses part of this money to purchase regional RECs on your behalf. The remainder is used to fund  local renewable energy education projects.

Each year, Green Up participants collectively support enough renewable energy to power over 10,000 homes for a year, and provide thousands of dollars in funding for local demonstration and education projects throughout our service territory.

Pa'Tu Wind Farm

What are RECs?

  • New renewables (such as wind or solar) are better for the environment, but typically cost more to produce than fossil fuels.
  • To help them stay competitive, renewable energy providers are credited with one REC for every 1,000 kWh or one MWh of electricity they produce.
  • Purchasing RECs increases the demand for renewable energy,  helping producers get started and stay in business.

Green Up is committed to supporting newer, regional, and customer preferred renewable projects, like wind and solar in the Pacific Northwest.