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Residential customers can sign up here. Business customers can sign up here. The cost of Green Up will be added to your regular Seattle City Light electricity bill.

No. You may cancel your Green Up enrollment at any time.

Seattle City Light.

The Renewable Energy Credits used in Green Up are generated from wind, solar and low-impact hydropower. Learn more about Green Up’s renewable resources by viewing the prospective Product Content Label.

“Renewable Energy Credits” (RECs) or “Renewable Energy Certificates” are created when an eligible renewable energy facility generates electricity. One REC is equivalent to 1,000 kWh or one MWh of renewable electricity. RECs allow those who don’t have access to renewable electricity generation to purchase green power at a low rate. By purchasing a REC, you are purchasing a claim to the environmental attributes of renewable electricity generation without actually consuming the clean electricity itself.

In most electricity markets, renewable energy costs more to produce than fossil fuel energy. This difference is primarily due to subsidies that fossil fuel industries receive. To remain competitive, renewable energy producers must sell their energy to the grid at conventional market prices. Since electricity is the same once it hits the grid, regardless of how it was generated, many consumers have not had any reason to pay more for renewable energy when fossil fuel energy turns on the lights.

Renewable Energy Credit sales offer a solution to help open the market to renewable technologies. A green energy provider (such as a wind farm) is credited with one REC for every 1,000 kWh or one MWh of electricity it produces. An independent agency (such as the Center for Resource Solutions through their program) certifies the renewable energy product. The green energy is then fed to the electrical grid and the accompanying REC can then be sold to customers separately from the power generated.

By purchasing a REC, you are paying the difference between market price and the production rate, allowing more clean power producers to enter the competitive marketplace. You are purchasing all legal rights to the benefits created by one renewable energy credit – the pollution avoided and the economic benefit to rural communities that often house these renewable technologies. The social impact is huge. By purchasing RECs, you are helping generate a market for renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest, helping create a cleaner, more sustainable world. Learn more about renewable energy credits.

Residential customers are billed $3, $6 or $12 per month, corresponding to 200, 400 or 800 kWh. Non-residential customers are billed a flat monthly amount they choose based on 1.5 cents/kWh.

The average residential customer bill for two months of service is $100. Your bill may be less or more depending on your electricity use. Green Up adds $6, $12 or $24 to your bimonthly residential bill. For commercial customers the amount added to your bill will depend on the percentage of your annual usage that you decide to “green up”.

The Seattle City Council provides oversight of regular customer electricity rates and adjusts them from time to time in keeping with City financial policies and to ensure that electric utility costs are adequately covered, but this process is independent of Green Up rates. We have no plans to change Green Up rates in the near future.

No. Green Up is voluntary and you may cancel at any time free of charge by contacting Seattle City Light.

Yes. Green Up is certified by the Green-e Energy Program, which guarantees that Green Up meets strict environmental and consumer protection standards established by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions.

For more information contact:

Center for Resource Solutions

Green-e Energy

1012 Torney Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94129

Toll free 1-888-63-GREEN

No. Your participation in the Green Up Program is voluntary and you may cancel at any time by contacting Seattle City Light.

Contact Green Up customer service at (206) 684-3800 or via email at