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Businesses Can Green Up

Contribute to clean energy and help Green Up our region.

The Seattle-area business community can make a powerful environmental impact by contributing toward clean energy from Green Up. When you join Green Up, you embrace innovation by joining a pioneering community of green-minded Seattle-area businesses leading the charge on renewable energy. By investing in new renewable technologies and education, your business is greening the grid and helping create a more sustainable world.


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Cost to participate:

One REC (equivalent to one MWh of regional, renewable energy) costs just $15. Select as many RECs as you would like to have added monthly to your utility bill, or make a one time purchase. After RECs are purchased, any remaining funds are used to support local renewable energy education projects.

What sort of renewables am I supporting?

Seattle City Light purchases a variety of renewable resources that are offered as a single product through Green Up. This includes sources from wind, solar, and more. View the Green Up Product Content Label to learn more about the mix of renewable resources in your Green Up power as well as the program’s Price, Terms and Conditions in our FAQs.

Sign Up for Green Up

    GreenUp Commercial Pricing:

    Green Up supports renewable energy through a flat rate of $15 per megawatt hour (MWh), or 1.5 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). This means that every $15 you provide purchases one regional Renewable Energy Credit, and any remaining funds help support renewable energy education projects in our service territory. You may choose the amount that you’d like to match your usage.

    I would like to purchase RECs each month, to be added to my bill.I would like to make a one-time purchase of RECs, to be added to my bill.