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Energy Efficiency for Large Commercial & Industrial Businesses

When it comes to smart energy use, large businesses can make a big impact: saving money, reducing energy use, and creating a sustainable future. Seattle’s Climate Action Plan calls for a 39 percent reduction of greenhouse emissions by 2030 and an 82 percent reduction by 2050. Your business has a role in this process.

On average, 30 cents of every dollar that organizations spend on energy use in commercial buildings is wasted through inefficiencies.


Now is the time to make energy efficiency a strategic priority for your business. Seattle City Light is here to help you develop a plan that maximizes your budget and demonstrates a return on investment. Improving your energy performance can result in reduced operating costs, increased cash flow, and improved business outcomes in as little as six months. We provide complimentary expertise along with financial incentives to help make any energy efficiency project successful.

Professional services:

  • Opportunity assessment: Let’s start with a phone consultation to determine potential energy savings that align with your unique business needs and goals.
  • Proposal review: If you have a proposal from a contractor for an energy efficiency project, we’ll review it to make sure that all energy saving opportunities are included, and that it meets eligibility requirements for Seattle City Light financial incentives.

Financial incentives:

We offer financial incentives to help offset costs for a variety of equipment upgrade projects including qualified high-efficiency lighting and lighting controls, refrigeration and HVAC systems, industrial process upgrades, variable speed drives, an improved building envelope, energy management systems and controls, connected thermostats and other measures that are unique to a customer’s business or physical process.

Commercial retrofit incentive amounts vary based on the amount of energy saved and type of equipment installed.

Visit our Tools and Resources page for more information and to get started. Still have questions? Contact an Energy Advisor.

For whole building upgrades, consider our Pay for Performance solution.


Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a City Light customer assigned a rate code of medium or large commercial. Not sure what code you are assigned? Ask us!
  • Eligibility varies based on project type and your existing conditions.
  • Approval is required prior to equipment purchase or construction.

How it works:

Follow these general steps to get a commercial retrofit incentive:

  1. Before you begin your project, visit our tools and resources page to review program requirements and incentives.
  2. Determine your project scope. Not sure? Contact an Energy Advisor.
  3. Request a commercial retrofit program application form.
  4. Contact qualified contractors (we recommend a minimum of three bids).
  5. Complete and submit your application to our Energy Advisors.
  6. An analyst will review the application, confirm eligibility, and provide you with an incentive estimate and a participation agreement with a notice to proceed.
  7. Complete your project.
  8. Submit any required documentation and invoices.
  9. An analyst will verify equipment was installed and meets eligibility requirements.
  10. City Light pays an incentive to you or your contractor, whichever you prefer.

Often your best resource on what exactly to install is your contractor. They can also help get you access to instant discounts through participating wholesale distributors. This means less paperwork and a faster rebate for you and your contractor.

For more information about instant discounts on lighting products, visit a participating distributor or download our Lighting to Go overview.

Ready to learn more?

Contact an Energy Advisor today for more information or to arrange a consultation.