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Deep Retrofit Pay for Performance

Take a long-term, whole-building approach toward managing energy use and get paid for the energy savings you achieve.


If you are a property owner or operator of a commercial building, you may be eligible to receive incentive payments over time for verified energy savings. Pay for performance, or P4P, pays a set incentive amount for total energy saved, rather than separate incentives for individual measures. This allows for more flexible and creative projects, helping you to find even more ways to save.

I was really excited about the program’s flexibility, which allowed our team to brainstorm ideas for saving energy. Every measure knocked our consumption down a notch, and every month became our best month ever.

Rick Mock – Director of Facilities, Washington Holdings


  • Financial and technical support
  • P4P may help meet your building’s tune-up requirements
  • P4P can help save your business an estimated 15-20%
  • Allows for flexible and creative projects
  • Offers the same incentive for capital and non-capital measures
  • Less administrative burden
  • Improve comfort of tenants

Financial incentive options:

  • Three-Year Performance Period – The three-year option offers an incentive rate of $0.08/kWh. Incentive payments are made on the normalized cumulative savings achieved over the baseline at the end of each year.
  • Five-Year Performance Period – The five-year option pays $0.18/kWh on the normalized incremental savings achieved year-over-year for each year of the performance period. Projects may also be eligible for a bonus incentive rate for deeper energy savings (>15% from original baseline).

Eligibility requirements:

Deep Retrofit P4P is open to Seattle City Light commercial customers who own or operate buildings with the following characteristics:

  • 50,000 square feet or more of conditioned space
  • Interval meter (access to hourly or 15-minute interval energy usage data at the building level)
  • Stable building energy use over the past year

Commercial buildings less than 50,000 square feet may also be eligible for the program if they have high energy use and access to hourly or 15-minute interval energy usage data at the building level.

To be eligible for Deep Retrofit P4P, savings from planned capital equipment improvements (HVAC, lighting, envelope, etc.) must be identified as at least 15 percent of a building’s baseline electric consumption.

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