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Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

Energy-efficient home heating and cooling systems keep you comfortable at a fraction of the cost of standard systems. They’re also safer, quieter and heat rooms more evenly. If you have electric zonal or forced air heat, you may qualify for a rebate of up to $1200 back. Let’s Get Started.


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  • Saves energy and reduces monthly expenses. Lower heating costs by 25-50 percent compared to standard electric heating systems.
  • Extremely comfortable and ultra-quiet. Ultra-quiet fans evenly circulate air, eliminating hot and cold spots in rooms. Plus you can heat and cool individual rooms – each controlled by its own thermostat.
  • Built-in air conditioner. An efficient, built-in air conditioner will keep you cool on those hot summer days.
  • Better air quality. A built-in air filter improves air quality, making the air you breathe cleaner.
  • Easy to use. Most units can be controlled by wireless remote control which makes it quick and easy to adjust the temperature as you move through your home.

You qualify for a rebate if you:

  • Have a single family home, or a one to four unit apartment/townhome/condo.
  • Are a City Light customer.
  • Currently use electricity as your primary heat source. Homes with gas or oil furnaces are not eligible for a City Light rebate, however Seattle residents may be eligible for a rebate from the Office of Sustainability and Environment.
  • Purchase qualified equipment and work with a participating contractor.

Available rebates:

Current SystemUpgraded SystemRebate
Old ductless heat pumpDuctless heat pump with a minimum HSPF of 11.0$100
Electric zonal heat or forced air furnaceSingle ductless or single ducted mini-split with a minimum HSPF of 9.0$800
Electric zonal heatMulti ductless, ducted mini-split or combination ductless/ducted mini-split with a minimum HSPF of 9.0$1000
Electric forced air furnaceMulti ductless, ducted mini-split or combination ductless/ducted mini-split with a minimum HSPF of 9.0
Whole-home ducted heat pump with a minimum HSPF of 9

Not sure what type of heating system you need? Talk to a qualified contractor or contact an Energy Advisor for guidance.

Rebate process:

  • Learn more and see if an energy efficient heating and cooling system is right for you.
  • Get bids from participating installers.
  • Pick an installer.
  • Complete the Household Information portion of the heating and cooling installation form and give it to your installer. Your installer will complete the form and submit it to City Light for final rebate processing.

Rebate Form

Are you a Seattle resident with an oil heated home?

Visit for available rebates.


Income-eligible customers may qualify for a free heating and cooling system.

Apply now through the City of Seattle’s HomeWise Program.

You may qualify for a low interest loan with convenient payment plans that can be paid on your utility bill.

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