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Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

Instant discounts on high-efficiency heat pump technologies are available to equipment installers, applied at the wholesaler or distributor point-of-purchase. Residential customers should ask their contractor about these discounts.

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  • Saves energy and reduces monthly expenses. Lower heating costs by 25-50 percent compared to standard electric heating systems.
  • Extremely comfortable and ultra-quiet. Ultra-quiet fans evenly circulate air, eliminating hot and cold spots in rooms. Homes with multiple indoor unites can heat and cool individual rooms – each controlled by its own thermostat.
  • Built-in air conditioner. An efficient, built-in air conditioner will keep you cool on those hot summer days.
  • Easy to use. Most units can be controlled by wireless remote control or smart phone app, which makes it quick and easy to adjust the temperature as you move through your home.

Your contractor can receive an instant discount if:

  • The equipment is installed at a property served by Seattle City Light
  • The equipment meets the program’s energy efficiency requirements (see below)
  • The contractor purchases the equipment through a participating distributor.

An additional discount is available through the Office of Sustainability and Environment for Seattle homes replacing an oil furnace.

Available instant discounts for contractors:

System TypeContractor Instant Discount
Ductless heat pump with HSPF 9.5-10.9$400
Ductless heat pump with HSPF of 11.0+$600
Traditional air-source heat pump with HSPF of 9.0-9.9$300
Traditional air-source heat pump with HSPF of 10.0+$500

Not sure what type of heating system you need? Talk to a trained contractor or contact an Energy Advisor for guidance.

Steps to a high-efficiency heating and cooling system:

  • Learn more and see if an energy efficient heating and cooling system is right for you.
  • Get bids from installers (we recommend a minimum of three) with training and experience in heat pump technology. Be sure to specify that you want a high-efficiency unit that meets one of the efficiency levels described above.
  • Pick an installer.
  • Installer selects a qualifying high-efficiency equipment from a participating distributor, and the instant discount is applied at purchase.

Are you a Seattle resident with an oil heated home?

Visit for available rebates.


Income-eligible customers may qualify for a free heating and cooling system.

Apply now through the City of Seattle’s HomeWise Program.

You may qualify for a low interest loan with convenient payment plans that can be paid on your utility bill. Contact an Energy Advisor to learn more.

In addition, federal income tax credits are available for high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. Learn more.