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Laundry Appliances

Laundry rebates are ending January 15, 2020!

Since 2007, thousands of City Light customers purchased energy-efficient laundry appliances and received our rebates. This combined with other offerings has contributed to a total annual energy saving that is equivalent to the power used by 31,500 homes each year. To those who’ve participated, thank you!

To be eligible for a rebate, qualifying washing machine and clothes dryer purchases must be made by this date. You will have 90 days to submit a rebate application after purchase.

Get your rebate started!

Benefits of ENERGY STAR® certified washing machines:

    • Use at least 25% less energy and 45% less water – higher efficiency means lower utility bills and better for the environment.
    • Require fewer loads – No bulky agitators means more usable space for clothes. More capacity means fewer loads of laundry per week – and more time for you.
    • Reduce dryer time – Advanced spin cycles remove more water from clothes so your dryer doesn’t have to work as hard.

Learn more about Energy Star certified washing machine features and optimized settings here.

Benefits of high-efficiency clothes dryers:

Energy Star Certified Clothes Dryers:

  • Use at least 20% less energy than a standard dryer – higher efficiency means lower utility bills and better for the environment.

Learn more about Energy Star certified dryer features and optimized settings here.

Select High-Efficiency Dryers:

  • Heat pump dryers use 30 to 50% less energy – the most efficient dryers available for even greater bill savings and the least environmental impact. 

Available rebates:

Appliance TypeRebate AmountQualified Models
Washing machines$50 rebate for qualified Energy Star certified modelsView our washing machine qualified product list
Clothes dryers$50 rebate for qualified electric Energy Star certified models

$100 rebate for qualified, select hybrid heat pump models

$200 rebate for qualified, select heat pump models
View our clothes dryer qualified product list

For more information about the laundry appliances or rebate offerings listed, contact an Energy Advisor at or call (206) 684-3800.

Does a laundry appliance rebate work for you?

To qualify for a laundry appliance rebate, you must:

  • Be a Seattle City Light customer.
  • Choose a model listed on our qualified washing machine or clothes dryer product lists. Seattle City Light stickers are also applied to qualified products available at participating retailers.
  • Redeem one rebate per household for each appliance type. Applications for washer and dryer rebates may be completed separately. If you purchase a qualified washer and dryer together, only one rebate form is required.
  • Have either an electric dryer or an electric water heater that the machine will be used with. If your water heater AND your dryer are fueled by natural gas or propane, you are not eligible for a rebate.
  • If you are unsure of your eligibility contact an Energy Advisor at (206) 684-3800 or

Rebate process:

  • Purchase a qualified washer model and/or dryer model.
  • Complete and sign the Laundry Appliance Rebate Form.
  • Submit the rebate form, along with your itemized receipt(s), postmarked within 90 days of purchase.
  • See current rebate form for program terms and conditions and eligible purchase dates.
  • Rebate checks usually arrive in your mailbox within 6-8 weeks.


Rebate Form

There are some Energy Star models that do not meet Seattle City Light’s high-efficiency requirement. Please confirm the model is on the qualified list.