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Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters look a lot like conventional electric water heaters, but work differently. They take in warm air from the room where the water heater is located and use a compressor to transfer that heat to the water in the tank. That means they use less energy to do the same amount of work. You can get a $500 rebate from Seattle City Light when you buy a qualified heat pump water heater. Get your rebate started!


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Heat pump water heaters:

  • Are the most energy-efficient water heating systems on the market.
  • Save you energy and money—use 60% less energy and lower your utility bill.
  • Provide you with programmable options such as “vacation mode,” which saves energy while you’re not at home and ensures that you have hot water when you return.
  • Help dehumidify damp spaces, such as your garage or basement, where they are often installed.

Is a new heat pump water heater right for you?

  • Your new heat pump water heater should be located in a space with about 1,000 cubic ft.
  • For the most efficient operation, the air temperature where the water heater is installed should average 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above.
  • Because the heat pump exhausts cool air in the area where it is located, the water heater should be installed in a location that would isolate cool air, or is ducted to the outside. Examples are in a garage or unheated/unfinished basement, attic or crawlspace.
  • Heat pump water heaters make about as much noise as an air conditioner. Consider this when making your purchase decision.

Rebate checklist:

  • You are installing a new water heater in a single family home, or a one to four unit apartment or condo, in the Seattle City Light territory.
  • You are replacing an existing electric water heater.
  • The new water heater is on the qualified list of models.
  • Your new water heater has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, and the installer received manufacturer training for that model. Find a qualified installer or find Do-It-Yourself tips.
  • Rebate forms submitted to City Light must be post marked no later than 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • See current rebate form for program terms and conditions and eligible purchase dates.

Rebate Form

You may qualify for a low interest loan with convenient payment plans that can be paid on your utility bill.

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